Summer is almost over in a few short days, the kids will be back in school and work will begin to normalize a little since everyone will have finished up their vacations for the year. It’s been a busy summer here at Chapman Wealth Management: We revamped our website, added some really cool electronic services for our clients and observed some really volatile markets… whew! But what have we really done that matters this summer? I’d like to challenge you to think about that yourself.

In just a few days, Keith Chapman will be participating in the Hotter Than Hell Bike race in Wichita Falls, Texas, to raise money to rebuild The Grace Children’s Hospital that was devastated in that earthquake in 2008.

First, about the race. The Hotter than Hell is in it’s 35th year: it is an annual cycling event that draws 13,000 cyclists from all over the country to participate in a grueling and challenging ride in the sweltering Texas sun. It’s the largest single day 100-mile endurance bicycle ride in the nation. The challenge is made even more difficult by the prevailing winds. There’s just nothing like riding a bike into a 15-mph wind(so you’re working extra hard to get nowhere)with the Texas sun blazing overhead…

Now, about the cause:This is really near and dear to us at CWM. We can not say enough good about the International Child Care organization. ICC is a Christian health development organization that has been serving the children of Haiti since 1967 and the Dominican republic since 1988. ICC Provides health and wholeness For children and families in empowered communities. The Hotter than Hell is their largest fundraising event of the year. And this year the proceeds are going to help rebuild an important hospital for children.

We encourage you to get involved in the causes that you are passionate about! Donations may be tax deductible, they can actually improve your sense of well-being. As always, if you have any questions about how you can make this part of your plan, call Keith! If anything changes in your current financial situation, call Keith! We are here to help.

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