Now Offering Financial Stories and XRM!

Celebrating 19 years in the Financial Services Business, Chapman Wealth Management is constantly searching for new and more creative ways to bring the process of wealth creation to life. Our approach combines unique solutions with intuitive financial knowledge, innovative technology and integrity to provide our clients with the very best financial strategies available today.

We can model your financial future.

What sets us apart is our holistic approach to helping clients achieve their maximum financial potential. A Certified Master in the Leap System, Keith has become a recognized expert in the Wealth In Motion System which is designed to transform the way you build your financial future. We are proud to announce that we have added Financial Stories and Leap XRM products to once again take the lead in the Financial Industry’s most innovative planning strategies.

Financial Stories™ and XRM utilize scientific knowledge with new presentations offering the same engaging experience alongside an updated interface, a beautifully innovative design, cloud-based technology and clear instructive stories.

Chapman Wealth Management is your partner for a brighter and more successful tomorrow. For 19 years now, we’ve worked with a wide range of clients and have become a trusted source of sound financial strategies. We know you’ll agree that Leap’s Financial Stories™ and XRM are the fresh inventive way to achieve your financial goals and objectives. The Leap Model™ is presented in a client-facing format with all the tools necessary to organize your personal finances so you can make informed decisions.

Using Financial Stories™, we’ve helped single moms and CEO’s alike to plan their futures and make the right financial decisions for their individual situations. It gives us the ability to provide you with a macro-economic perspective of your entire financial life on one piece of paper.

LEAP is the most effective tool to come along in years at teaching the average person how money works and how to make it work for you. It is designed to simplify the entire financial process from start to finish, streamlining all those little details and intricate decisions that were once so confusing to the average investor. And Financial Stories™ is the perfect complement for this process.

As financial professionals, Chapman Wealth Management believes in putting you in control of your financial future. Our philosophy involves making sure that you know whether your current financial strategies are working so that you can re-engineer your wealth to improve your financial future.

Get Maximum Results!

Whether you want to put several children through college, retire on a dessert island, or simply protect what you have worked so hard to build, Chapman Wealth and the LEAP System make the dream possible. You deserve the opportunity to check out the dynamic financial stories and intuitively designed calculators of this innovative cloud-based technology.

Allowing you 24/7 access.

Create the strong, prosperous future you deserve with Chapman Wealth Management and the LEAP System with Financial Stories™ and XRM.