Employee Benefits

Pro­vid­ing an employ­ee ben­e­fits pack­age that includes qual­i­ty, afford­able health care cov­er­age con­tin­ues to be one of the great­est chal­lenges for today’s employ­ers. We put our con­sid­er­able expe­ri­ence in this field to work on deliv­er­ing alter­na­tives to our clients. We eval­u­ate the design of dif­fer­ent ben­e­fits pack­ages to achieve the best pric­ing struc­ture and advice on imple­ment­ing such options as cafe­te­ria plans that allow for employ­ee cost-shar­ing through tax deductible con­tri­bu­tions. As well, we admin­is­ter the ben­e­fits pro­gram, assist­ing employ­ers with the claims fil­ing pro­ce­dure.

Risk Management Analysis

Imple­ment­ing a risk man­age­ment pro­gram is fun­da­men­tal to a company’s abil­i­ty to pro­tect itself against the loss of key per­son­nel through death or dis­abling injury or sick­ness. We offer exper­tise on select­ing life and dis­abil­i­ty insur­ance cov­er­age for such a pro­gram.

We con­duct a finan­cial secu­ri­ty analy­sis to deter­mine the appro­pri­ate pro­tec­tion for com­pa­nies and their key exec­u­tives, which encom­pass­es eval­u­at­ing risk man­age­ment needs and bal­anc­ing them with liv­ing or wealth accu­mu­la­tion objec­tives. We design risk man­age­ment pro­grams to be afford­able, to fill cor­po­rate and indi­vid­ual needs, and to be flex­i­ble enough to allow for a change as needs change. Our analy­sis also involves a review of any exist­ing cov­er­age to ensure it is cost effec­tive and includes up-to-date fea­tures.

Through risk man­age­ment analy­sis, we can deliv­er solu­tions in the form of poli­cies val­ued and designed accord­ing to our clients’ needs.