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At Chapman Wealth Management, our services are tailored to you and your family’s goals. We use next-generation technology designed to yield the best results for your future success.

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Chap­man Wealth Man­age­ment will work with you to con­struct strate­gies which will help you achieve your dreams. Keith com­bines a high level of integrity along with a vast knowl­edge of a vari­ety of finan­cial mat­ters to develop an effec­tive approach to max­i­miz­ing your wealth potential.

Using the LEAP® Sys­tem and the Per­sonal Finan­cial Engi­neer­ing™ process, we have helped many clients under­stand how they can meet and exceed their finan­cial goals. Through edu­ca­tion, analy­sis and plan­ning, we will develop a new finan­cial strat­egy at no addi­tional out-of-pocket cost and no addi­tional risk to you. This new strat­egy will gen­er­ate more wealth and help pre­serve that wealth in a more effi­cient man­ner than cur­rent tra­di­tional methods.

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Our Process

Five steps that will teach you how to suc­cess­fully man­age your wealth.

1Intro­duc­tory Meeting

After get­ting to know each other and dis­cussing your goals and dreams, we will intro­duce you to the Life­time Eco­nomic Accel­er­a­tion Process (LEAP®). We will talk about the fal­lac­ies of cur­rent finan­cial and estate plan­ning and we’ll set your expec­ta­tions for the future. You will leave this meet­ing with an under­stand­ing of my process and a Con­fi­den­tial Ques­tion­naire to be com­pleted prior to our next meet­ing.

2Ques­tion­naire Review Meeting

Using the com­pleted ques­tion­naire along with the finan­cial doc­u­ments you have pro­vided, we will dis­cuss your cur­rent finan­cial pro­file.

3Pro­tec­tion, Sav­ings & Growth Model Meeting

I will intro­duce you to the Pro­tec­tion Sav­ings & Growth (PS&G) model. Using the infor­ma­tion obtained in our sec­ond meet­ing we will look at your present finan­cial sit­u­a­tion and iden­tify the effec­tive­ness or inef­fec­tive­ness of your cur­rent strate­gies.

4Strat­egy Meetings

Armed with the results of the PS&G Model meet­ing and our dis­cus­sions we will begin imple­ment­ing strate­gies to cre­ate addi­tional wealth with a min­i­mum of addi­tional expen­di­tures. The num­ber of meet­ings will depend on the com­plex­ity of your per­sonal finan­cial sit­u­a­tion.

5Wrap-Up and Review

After com­plet­ing and imple­ment­ing the ini­tial plan; we will meet with you reg­u­larly (at least once a year) to review and mod­ify your plan where nec­es­sary to reflect any changes in your finan­cial status.

Products and Services

We help individuals, families and businesses focus on protection and long-term wealth strategies leveraging the power of earned income in the early years.  Financial decisions made in the early stages will have the greatest impact on your financial wealth creation future.  We strive to get your money to work harder for you.  The services we offer assist you in all of your personal finance decisions.  We offer a full array of financial products and services that, as part of your overall plan, can help you achieve your goals.


Lifetime Economic Acceleration Process

Lifetime: LEAP® views your financial process as an ongoing lifetime experience. LEAP uses a comprehensive or holistic approach.
Economic: LEAP® seeks to make your money productive and efficient which may increase its performance over time.
Acceleration: LEAP® allows your money to have the potential to achieve an accelerated rate of return by using a unique financial process.
Process: LEAP® organizes and coordinates your money decisions into a financial model that is easy to follow and understand.
  • To increase the amount of money you will have over your lifetime
  • To reduce your income taxes
  • To give you better accessibility over your money
  • To lower your financial costs
  • To provide total needs based and value based insurance protection
  • To lower your financial risk
  • To give you a better understanding of how your money is working for you
  • To provide organization of your financial documents and plans
  • To provide a verifiable financial process

We live in a world of complexity and rapid change

Keeping up in a changing world is difficult. Of the many money decisions that you must make, knowing which are appropriate is not easy. Information overload can lead to financial paralysis. You probably lack the time to properly research all aspects of your money decisions.

How LEAP® Helps:

The LEAP SYSTEM® helps you cope with these changes by providing easy to understand and easy to follow financial models.

Government is constantly changing the tax laws

Changing tax laws make it difficult for the consumer to plan easily and successfully. The tax laws have become more and more complicated.

How LEAP® Helps: The LEAP SYSTEM® can help you reduce your income taxes over your lifetime by providing tax strategies designed to simplify your financial life.

Stock Market Fluctuations and Risk

The stock market fluctuates up and down. It moves in cycles. A problem can exist when you need your money in a down cycle and your stocks have declined in value. Timing is important, but it cannot be controlled.

How LEAP® Helps: The LEAP SYSTEM® seeks to help you achieve “High Reward with Low Risk” through its unique “flow of money” concept.

Misinformation Contained within the Media

Misleading information regarding insurance and financial products and strategies is prevalent on the Internet and in financial magazines, financial “How To” books and sales literature.

How LEAP® Helps: The LEAP SYSTEM® explains how many money strategies and products being advertised and promoted today may become hazardous to your wealth and protection goals. I will help you select the appropriate products and strategies tailored to help meet your individual needs, wants, and desires.

Through its comprehensive evaluation, Chapman Wealth Management can save you a significant amount of money over your lifetime, while ensuring that your assets and your family are well-protected. We’ll make sure that the financial strategies and products you use now, and those available to you, are coordinated to achieve your goals.

Here are some of the strategies and products that will be part of our evaluation:

Taxable Compound Interest Series E/EE Bonds
Dollar-Cost-Averaging Non-matched IRA or 401K
Dividend/Capital Gain Reinvesting 15 Year Mortgages
Prepaying a Mortgage Credit Card Debt
Low Deductible on Insurance 10 or 20 Year Term Life Policies
Gifts to Minors Long-Term Investing
Tax Deferral Strategies Survivorship Life Insurance
Buy Term and Invest the Difference Low Yield Savings Accounts
You probably own a variety of financial products and have made many financial decisions. Each product and financial decision most likely has been made individually and without much thought of integrating them into a skillfully coordinated and efficient plan. Without a financial model to assess, evaluate or measure each financial decision, your money may become uncoordinated, inefficient and unproductive.

Get your financial life organized…

The LEAP® SYSTEM has built a model called the PS&G Model. It is a financial model that contains all aspects of your financial life. It provides you with a full view of your financial situation categorized into three components of Protection, Savings, and Growth, which makes it easy to understand and follow. You can participate in the evaluation process by having this unique tool available to you.

Educate yourself…

An educated consumer is always in a better position than one who is unsure and insecure about the money decisions they are forced to make in life. The PS&G Model provides you with a tool to measure and coordinate each money decision with the purpose of achieving financial independence. As a LEAP® SYSTEM authorized representative, we will show you how to use this model to measure and compare financial decisions you make in order to choose the one that you feel is most appropriate.

Benefits of Using The PS&G Model

Instead of making financial decisions one at a time in an isolated manner (micro), we advocate financial decisions based on an organized, coordinated and integrated model (macro). By using the PS&G Model, your assets and financial decisions are:

COORDINATED: When coordinated, your assets work together harmoniously.
INTEGRATED: When integrated, they provide for a potential increase in money supply and benefits.
BASED ON FACTS: The PS&G Model helps you evaluate and measure the results.
NEEDS AND VALUE BASED: With a PS&G Model, you may be less vulnerable to making decisions based on opinion or sales hype. Money decisions are now strictly needs and value based.
IMPLEMENTED: The PS&G Model provides a method for your money decisions to be easily and automatically implemented.
ORGANIZED: The PS&G Model will help you visualize how all your assets are working and at the same time provide an organized filing system.
ACCESSIBLE: Your money and assets will be more in your own control which leads to making intelligent financial decisions.
What are your alternatives to LEAP®? Your financial life may well be managed by one of the four alternatives listed below. Let’s look at each one of the alternatives and see if they are what you really want and need.


By doing no planning at all, it may lead to financial difficulties and even financial disarray. To do no planning may cause people to lose control over their financial lives and become vulnerable to the events and circumstances that surround them. The no planning alternative usually produces very little chance of having financial independence at any point in one’s life.


Occasional planning tends to result in putting things off and to always be one or two steps behind, never quite having enough money or having it in the right place. Do you feel this way? People who do occasional planning are usually part of a “do-it-yourself” mindset that tends not to seek professional financial advice. Occasional planning may produce a financial life filled with inefficiency and lost opportunity costs.


Many people wait until they are forced to make financial decisions. Single need planning focuses on planning for only one financial need at a time. Usually, this planning does not take place until after the need appears and becomes obvious. Single need planning tends to be maintenance based just to cover the need. Psychologists have written that human needs can never truly be satisfied, for once a need is met, a new need takes its place. Therefore, single need planning may lead to ongoing frustration and disappointment.


Financial planning is a process that is heavily mathematical and requires a significant amount of number-crunching. Financial planning focuses on establishing several needs and goals and plotting a course of action to satisfy them. Financial planning typically uses fixed assumptions for taxes, rates-of-return, inflation, time, and other variables as determinants for the outcome of the plan. Since the world in which we live is changing, the fixed assumptions are difficult to predict and need constant updating and review.

For many Americans, the Right System for Building Wealth Protection is

LEAP®Lifetime Economic Acceleration Process
The LEAP SYSTEM® believes that the best choice that you can make in your financial life is the use of the LEAP SYSTEM®. Give yourself this opportunity for wealth, happiness, and success. After all, you deserve the best.

In order to be introduced to the LEAP SYSTEM® and have a financial consultation, there is NO FEE, NO CHARGE, and NO OBLIGATION. It is easy, enjoyable, and fun. Everyone should have the opportunity to see if they can improve upon their financial position without any up-front costs or charges.

In our experience, we found that Americans want the kind of relationship with their financial representative that entails no pressure, no sales hype, no fees, and no predetermined glossy boiler-plated reports. They want an accurate and honest appraisal of their financial situation that is comprehensive and uses a macro-financial model. They also want to participate in the planning and wealth building process.

The LEAP SYSTEM® is made available to you through an authorized representative. LEAP SYSTEM® authorized representatives are professional people who are confident that the LEAP SYSTEM® has the potential to improve upon and protect your wealth building objectives.

Then how do they get compensated?
LEAP SYSTEM® authorized representatives are licensed financial professionals who provide a valuable service. If you decide to implement any part of your financial program, or need a particular financial product to meet your needs, wants and desires, your financial representative can offer you these various financial products and services. They are compensated by commission from the financial institutions that they are affiliated with based upon the product(s) you need or want to implement in your desired plan. Since there is no obligation, you may or may not select a financial product through the LEAP SYSTEM® authorized representative. The LEAP SYSTEM® process focuses on wealth building and protection and does not focus on any one particular product. Millions of Americans are now using the LEAP SYSTEM® and have found it to be beneficial in their financial lives.

Wealth In Motion is a revolutionary piece of modern technology that is based on the PS&G Model™ from LEAP SYSTEMS, Inc. Wealth In Motion is a powerful financial simulator that will allow you to view your current financial position. Together we can do numerous scenarios to determine the impact that the following eroding factors will have on your future, and develop strategies to minimize their effects.

  • Taxes
  • Inflation
  • Planned Obsolescence
  • Technological Change
  • Premature Death
  • Disability
  • Education
  • Weddings, Bar mitzvah
  • And many more

Wealth In Motion and the LEAP SYSTEM® are not based on what products you buy, but on how you manage what you already have. Wealth In Motion helps you control the eroding factors of the society.

Before using the financial simulator, it is helpful to understand how the Strategic Allocation Model™ works. The overall objective of LEAP® and Wealth In Motion is to assist you in reaching your full financial potential.